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Anya has a unique blend of energetic abilities and mind-body awareness. 
This enables her to meet clients deeply and meaningfully.

Explore Anya's work, what the session set up looks like and what can potentially happen there.

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We’re all energy. Every second, energy is being transferred within our bodies, from the synapses that spark in our brain to the electrical charges in our heart that keeps our blood flowing and so much more, our bodies are constantly generating energy. We can’t see it, or touch it or taste it, it's the life energy that flows through our bodies. Everyone's body.

The foundation of all life is life-force energy.

This journey is a spiritual process, it is a direct energy activation that awakens the powerful healing energy within you. This is a very natural and flowing process. This is intelligence at work to give your system what it needs at the moment. It’s a clearing of the pathways as much as possible or as much as you can surrender to at that time. Everyone receives what they are ready for. There is no force.

When attending a session you are in a vortex of raw potent kundalini energy, a frequency that I hold. A deeply healing frequency.  With your willingness to surrender and allow so much can happen in a session.

It is a life force energy INTENSIFICATION AND ACTIVATION, 

it can also be a purification, awakening, regulation, remembrance, rebirth, transformation, awareness, and stabilization.
Everyone's experience is unique while being a very natural and safe process. 


In this frequency - in this vortex, we become our own healer.
Your system attunes to my frequency, your own life force is intensified and then begins to heal and clear your pathways and centers.

This is NOT kundalini yoga, breathwork, or tantra - this is an energy activation that only requires that you surrender to the experience.  It's very different from traditional kundalini practices where the willful practice is used to raise your energy. 

We are born with our life force energy at 100%, but as we pass through life collecting traumas, heartbreaks, and other physical and emotional baggage, we develop energetic blockages. This can cause physical pain, emotional heaviness, anxiety, negative thought patterns, stress, and so much more.

This energy session will awaken your energy so it can flow more fully and clear your blockages. It rewires your energetic system with each repeated session to bring you back to wholeness and alignment and to allow for deep emotional and spiritual healing.

In this session, you will lay down on a yoga mat, close your eyes and surrender to the experience.

I create a vortex of intensified life force energy. With your willingness to surrender and let go your energetic system will attune to its frequency. The more you let go and witness what is happening without judgment during the session, the more your energy will activate.

By being in this frequency it helps in clearing & purifying your system from emotional energy blockages, release trauma and stagnant energy, connecting and aligning your energy centres, raising your vibration, shifting your perception, activating your kundalini and helping you to access higher stages of awareness.

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