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Emotional Release: Relieve built up tension and unprocessed emotions from your physical and emotional system (sadness, anger, loneliness, heartbreak, joy).
Regulated Nervous System: Relief of stress, anxiety and tension in your body; experience more calm and stop the pattern of constantly being in fight or flight mode.
More Day-to-Day Energy: Experience mental clarity & enhanced creativity and more energy to exercise, be social, & work toward goals.
Shedding Stale Patterns: Notice and let go of habits, patterns, decisions and behaviors that are holding you back. Peel away the layers of conditioned social and cultural limitations.
Expanded Consciousness: Access a deeper state of consciousness and elevate your awareness and ability to observe your thoughts without judgment.
Feeling More Like You: Attune to your body’s natural rhythm and experience more harmony within yourself. Remember your true self and your purpose.


Preparation for the session: 

Please eat lightly on the day and if possible do not eat 2 hrs before the class, stay away from coffee or other stimulants the day of the session. Wear comfortable clothes.

During the session you simply will be lying down, music will be played and I create a vortex of intensified life force energy for you to surrender to. The energy frequency is there for you to experience almost immediately.

3 tools to help you be present during a session: 

♡ listen to the music

♡ tune into sensations in your body

♡ follow your breath

Everyone's experience is unique. During the session, energy can manifest and release in many ways.

The most common are:

Spontaneous movements: involuntary and non-intentional movement of the body (like you see in the videos)
Emotional expression and release: laughter, crying, singing, screaming, yawning, coughing, humming, burping, (all of these emotional expressions and releases are spontaneous)

Experiencing very clear visions, colours, receiving answers to a question we didn't know the answer to, messages from your higher self / universe.

An internal experience of intense heat or coldness. Pain in past injuries or a space with an energetic block.

Bliss states:
Profound sense of oneness, connection, intense gratitude, pure joy, outer body experience.

Towards the end we meet in a seated position & Anya speaks briefly about the importance of integrating.

After the session a detailed email will be sent to you. You are welcome to reach out with questions or share your experience via email.

Lots of love,


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