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Available Online

Online Zoom Group session

  • 35 euros

Service Description

As a facilitator, I do not need to be physically present for this intensified lifeforce energy to move through you. There is no time and space in the quantum field, so we can work with our energy from afar, experience and receive the same level and intensity of energy. Online sessions work just as effectively as hands on sessions because we are working with the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our being by working with the energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and does not require me to be physically present. The intensity of the frequency is the same, but if our minds ego believes otherwise, it won't be. Don’t allow your mind to take over due to me not been physically present with you. Let go of thoughts like "How does this work if she's not there?" "I don't feel anything".....etc. If these through arise. Acknowledge them with no judgement and let them go. Everyone is more or less sensitive to this energy. As life force moves through every being on this earth. Masks, programming, our own conditioning, shields and armour we have put on ourselves is what prevents us from experiencing. Be present, allow, surrender, let go and be open to a new experience with no expectations. WHAT YOU NEED: - Download the Zoom app - I will be sharing music on Zoom. Be ready to listen to it with either wireless headphones, or on a good quality speaker to have the best experience - Make yourself a cosy space to lay down and relax on a yoga mat or soft carpet. No props under your head so your spine is straight. You can put something underneath your legs if you have a sensitive lower back - Make sure your camera is set up in a way that your whole body is visible on camera   RECOMMENDATIONS: - Don't eat anything heavy 2 - 3 hrs before the session - Wear comfortable clothes and no jewellery - You can use a sleep mask to cover your eyes and help you drop deeper within. You will need to keep your eyes closed for the whole transmission. I look forward to seeing you! Anya

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