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Every healing work takes one to have responsibility and sovereignty over their journey, to integrate all parts of their being into wholeness. Our healing journeys can be uncomfortable, so its important to support yourself along your spiritual awakening journey, feel deeply about whom you are becoming and what layers you need to shed for your growth and evolution.
What happens on the mat is just 10% of what is to unfold; the true blessings, shifts, magic and alignment come after - through correct integration and further surrender to what is.
We do not attend these sessions to just release, let go within the 2hr session container and then expect that we will be absolutely perfect after the session.
THIS IS A PROCESS. Your body's systems are still releasing. 

Please know there is no bad or good integration. It is all part of your unique journey. Your system needs time to adjust to the space created, to the releasing. Be kind to yourself.

• Take cold showers
• Spend some time in nature
• Barefoot walks
• Sea/river swims
• Relaxing yoga
• Meditate
• Eat ground foods ( vegetables with roots )
• Breath observing
• Journal
• Increase water - no caffeine
• Positive thought's
• Practice Gratitude
• Awareness on your breathe
• Observe things you can see, smell, touch, hear and taste
• Self-soothe (light a candle, create a safe space, nurture your body)

You are the one who dictates the pace of your journey; there is no right or wrong pace here. If you trust this journey, know that the energy will be opening other layers and working deeper with time and repetition; book in any time you are drawn to and ready to experience the sessions AND the integration. This is your own energy your working with, so there is no "too much " or "max amount".
I say to people intuitively decide and follow your heart it'll guide you beautifully to your next session.

Lots of love, Anya

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